September 16, 2019

Access to TEST & eCOURSE

How to use the LIDO Self-Assessment Test and the eCourse

  • First step – The Self Assessment Test (it is not mandatory to begin from the Self Assessment Test, BUT it is strongly raccomanded). The case-based self-assessment test refers to situations you can face with in your professional life. The PDF report will analyze your leadership style and will give you some advice. Click on the link below and
    • log in if you are already registered, or
    • sign up by filling in all the required data and then sign in.

Please write the user id and password in a safe place that you can consult (for example your mobile phone).

See the Video Tutorial about how to use this test… 

… read the “rational” (pdf file) …

… then, enter in the

Self Assessment Test


  • Second step – The eCourse. Please enroll yourself in the online training course: this eCourse addresses the main aspects that characterize school leadership. To access the online course, please click the link below and:
    • if it is the first time you access to the eCourse, you will need to register yourself on this platform, even if you have already registered for the Self Assessment Test. We advise you to use the same user-id and password or very similar credentials;
    • if you are already registered in the platform of the eCourse, login using the fields in the top of the screen

As mentioned before, please remember to write the user id and password in a safe place that you can easily consult.